At Salon House we provide a variety of massage services to relax your whole body. Our professional masseurs will work into the deeper layer of your muscles enhancing and facilitating healing of any distressed tissues promoting deep relaxation and well-being. We know how stressful work can be these days and sometimes you just need someone to help you unwind, de-stress and relax. We specialize in this at Salon house and the frequency of repetitive clients is a great indication of that. Our masseurs have developed their own unique massage skills over time and will make you feel completely at ease, we can guarantee you will leave feeling more invigorated and refreshed than when you came.

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How Long Does a Massage Last?

Our massages last anywhere from 30-60 min. However, we like to cater to our clients needs and can extend your massage for longer if you should wish so. It is not uncommon for our clients to extend their massages and our masseurs are happy to do this.

How is a Massage Beneficial?

Massage works by manipulating the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue using various different techniques applied by a masseur. By pulling and stretching these areas of the body we can enhance function, promote relaxation & well being and aid in the healing process of any stressed or damaged areas.

Why Would I Need a Massage?

In todays hectic fast paced world it is difficult for the human body to adapt and relax in many situations. This causes our muscles to tense up and can result in knots and long-lasting muscle pain. Massages aid in remedying these problems with added benefit of facilitating relaxation and general well being.

What Is A Hot Stone Massage?

During a hot stone massage the masseuse does work with volcanic stones of various sizes for different areas of the body. The stones are first placed in a heater with water and essential oils, the oils are absorbed into the porous stone and then slowly released onto the skin and into the air during the massage. The aim of the massage is to capture all the negative energy from the client leaving them completely at ease and relaxed.

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I came here for laser hair removal, just had my 3rd session yesterday and it has been an absolute pleasure to have found this place. I would definitely recommend this place to everybody.

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At Salon House we understand the importance of your hair.

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