At Salon House we provide a variety of waxing treatments to remove hairs, resulting in smooth natural looking skin. Using the finest ingredients, our professional team of beauticians ensure you get the most comfortable and relaxing possible experience. We are able to cater to all skin types and can remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body.

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Is it painful?

This is very much dependent on the region you are focusing on. Waxing can be uncomfortable in some areas, though we wouldn’t go as far to call it painful. Though this very much depends from person to person, hair type, hair density and follicle size. We do use hot wax for sensitive areas, such as bikini, face & underarms, which reduces the pain and makes it more comfortable for the client.

 How Often Do I Need To Get Waxed?

We recommend to clients that they get waxed every 3-4 weeks. This ensures you maintain smooth skin, however, there will have to be some hair growth for the waxing to be effective in the first place.

What Is The Difference Between Waxing And Shaving?

Where as waxing simply slices off the hair from the skin, waxing pulls out all of the hair, including the follicle. This results in much longer lasting smoother skin because it takes longer for the hair to grow out again. Furthermore, the more an individual shaves the thicker and darker the hair grows out. Waxing results in finer and lighter hair growing out after the treatment.

Ingrown Treatment

Before waxing we do a fruit seed exfoliant. It helps to remove dead skin from the skin and hair starts to grow properly. This treatment makes the skin more smooth and silky.

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I came here for laser hair removal, just had my 3rd session yesterday and it has been an absolute pleasure to have found this place. I would definitely recommend this place to everybody.

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